Best Future Technological Trends You Need To Know

If you have been watching the news or reading articles on the internet, you are probably aware that upcoming technologies have greatly affected the way we work and live our lives. In fact, with these technologies become much popular across each market and industry, technology is transforming the way we do our daily business tasks. We have listed a few of these new technologies and how it is constantly changing our world.

Here are some of the best technological advancements that will shape our future:

Virtual and Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality (AR) enhances the environment of the user while Virtual Reality (VR) engages the user in a makeshift environment. VR has become popular through the gaming community but it is also now used in training soldiers. A program has been integrated into software which trains the Army, Navy captains. The most popular example of AR is the game Pokemon Go. Both AR and VR have huge potential in entertainment, schooling and even marketing. These programs are the best software to use in training simulations of surgeries done by doctors. Museums can use these technologies to provide visitors a trip back through time. Some companies have also started to use VR to enhance their marketing schemes.

Cyber Security
These might not sound like new technology since it has been with us for quite a while but its evolution is something we cannot ignore. This is because security threats in the internet are constantly new. There will always be clever hackers who are going to try to steal private data and will try to break through the tightest security available. Some of the newest technologies being integrated in cyber security are cloud technology, prevention of data loss and hardware verification. As long as hackers exist, cyber security will always be a technological trend since it will always need to be updated to prevent these bad people from stealing data.

Touch Commerce
Being able to purchase all the things you want with the touch of your fingers was just a fantasy during the past few years, but now it has become a reality. Touchscreen technology has merged with shopping and is now called touch commerce. This allows anyone to purchase products easily with the use of their mobile phones. After linking their bank information to their accounts, customers can buy anything with just a click or a fingerprint. On an online survey, it stated that 85 percent of adults from Southeast Asia have purchase something from Aliexpress through touch commerce. The online retail service giant from China is owned by Alibaba and has now expanded their reach throughout the world. Check the latest offer of Aliexpress here.

Gadget Advancements
Lately, people have been intrigued on the feature of the newest iPad which offers a higher resolution screen compared to an HDTV. This made the new iPad a huge hit in the market so get ready for more people bowing down on their gadgets. While watching videos on your tablet does not match the experience inside a theater, it has become obvious that the mobility that these gadgets offer has been enticing to customers. More movies have been released to online streaming websites on the same day they come out in theaters. Cede is an example of a website that offers the latest music and movies that you can stream anytime. Visit them here.

Messaging bots have provided a tangible impact on websites that need customer services. More companies have seen its advantage and are investing in creating their own chatbots. Chatbots are front-end interfaces used by companies to guide and talk with their clients. The more sophisticated chatbots even offer interactive and enhanced user experiences via the use of artificial intelligence. Website owners and companies usually integrate chatbots on their home pages or can ask help from platforms like Slack and Facebook for disposal. In the next years, expect that most companies and businesses across all industries to have chatbots for marketing, sales and customer services.

Rise of Supercomputers
Quantum computing is still a rising technology but has been the center of fascination among professionals. Scientists, researchers and organizations are working on this during the past years. The race toward developing the first fully functional and working supercomputer has just begun. With the superb computational power of a supercomputer (also called quantum computer), it would likely be a cloud service rather than a physical machine. Today, IBM is already providing cloud-based quantum computer services. This year, the rivalry to achieve the first supercomputer will intensify since having the first quantum computer will have a significant advantage over its competitors.

If you frequently browse through the internet, you have probably heard about the blockchain. Blockchain technology is a way of safely handling information. The center of blockchain focuses on the idea of decentralization. This means it can provide equal risk and power among the users of a network. Startup users of blockchain are providing ingenious ways to improve businesses by substituting parties with contracts that instantly checks actions without losing data security. With blockchain, some companies have even solved problems in their market place which have been threatening them for years.

5G Technology
In the next few years, expect that the world would demand faster internet connections since data transfer becomes larger. 5G will be on top of the market soon and expect it to bring lots of benefits such as faster internet speeds, low ping or latency and higher capacities. These services will make it a top technological trend in the coming years. The capabilities of 5G technology will provide autonomous vehicles and wireless virtual reality to work with the slightest technical problems. 5G technology will also boost user experience by providing high data transfer rates when using AR or VR. 5G technology is expected to reach 100 megabits per second which is 20x faster compared to 3G technology.

Facial Recognition
The human face will likely be a trend for the years to come. Mobile phones have now integrated and have made famous its feature called Face ID. This feature is now being integrated to numerous companies who would be using it for various applications. For now, facial recognition is only used to unlock phones but in the future it will allow you to unlock your cars, homes and gates. Experts are now also creating applications in which you are able to withdraw cash from ATMs using facial recognition.